Croatian based pop artist Igor Anicic is best known for his multilingual expression in 6 different languages and for his positive attitude.

In today's world where the future is uncertain, he is trying to give hope and a lead to all the people in the better future with his very positive, singable and memorable songs and the message of togetherness. Also known as a great athlete, former tennis player, coach and entertainer. Through his life he has helped many people in music and sports.
Humanity is one of his main goals and visions. Today more than ever the world needs help. We can see that the too big inequality in our society leads towards bad things. Therefore, the world needs more positive people that are willing to help.  We are starting the project "Save the World Today" with the mission to be able to realize the musical project and to help other foundations with each sold item. We created a brand Igor Anicic - Music for the World and have produced many items with our logo. 

The children hospital in Rijeka, Croatia is one of the institutions that will get our help when we raise a certain amount of funds. There are 2 Orphanage centers in Uganda, Africa that we are in contact with, they need help urgently. There are many foundations that we plan to support, depending on the development of our project.  
For that reason, every person that purchases something from us is supporting the brand and the whole project of helping people. In return, everyone will get a bonus gift. All our products are high quality products. Textile products are made with Bio Cotton, also better for the environment. The nature has been struggling because of bad things we've channeling in the past, so we want to take care of it as well. 

With good intentions, with more humanity and less selfishness we can do great things and help the world come on the right path. We want to build awareness in all the people, create a positive environment and make positive changes in our entire society. 
We appreciate your support and hope that you will enjoy in our music, products and the whole project. 

 And of course, if you join our community we will do our best to keep you positive through the whole period.